Introducing our 2016 Fix-A-Home Recipients

Paul and Belinda Caldwell


Paul & Belinda Caldwell have lived in their home in the Northside Neighborhood for over 40 years. They raised 7 children, had extended careers at UNC-CH and both actively give back and serve their community. Read more about them as told by their youngest son Jason here.

Many repairs and updates are needed to make the Caldwell home healthy and safe again. Here is a list of some of the things we hope to address:

  • Replace HVAC (currently they heat with a wood stove)
  • Replace the non-functioning Hot Water Heater
  • Completely renovate and update the bathroom, making it accessible and functioning again
  • Move the washer/dryer into the kitchen from the back porch
  • Replace kitchen cabinets and counter tops, repairing broken plumbing and adding a dishwasher
  • Repair damaged ceilings
  • Replace damaged flooring in kitchen and dining room
  • Paint interior
  • Update electrical fixtures
  • Repair exterior fascia, soffit and gutter damage
  • And much, much more!