The Greater Chapel Hill Association of Realtors Fix-A-Home Project would not be possible without Partnership, Collaboration and Sponsorship.

We have had the honor and privileged of working alongside some of the most amazing, talented and generous local tradesmen and businesses without whom the Fix-A-Home Project would not be possible. We encourage you to think of them first when you are looking for a tradesman for your next home maintenance or improvement job. Download our Vendor Resource Guide

We are grateful to have the following skilled tradesmen and vendors Partnership and Participation in this year’s project:

·         Bagwell Holt Smith, P.A. (10 Year Partner)

·         Fitch Lumber Company (10 Year Partner)

·         Boer Brothers Heating & Air

·         Trane Raleigh DSO

·         PlumbV: Residential and Commercial Plumbing Experts (5 Year Partner)

·         Lawton Electrical Services (5+Year Partner)

·         Enliven: Carpentry, Home Repair & Maintenance

·         Emma Delon Kitchen & Bath- Design & Consultation (5+ Year Partner)

·         Budget Blinds of Chapel Hill & Durham (5 Year Partner)

·         Frazee Carpet & Interiors (5+ Year Partner)

·         Dowell Installs, LLC

·         Greg Tilley Pressure Cleaning 5+ Year Partner)

·         Alston’s Home Improvements

·         Reico Kitchen & Bath

·         Carrboro Crawlspace Solutions

·         Sherwin Williams, Chapel Hill (5+ Year Partner)

·         Best Tile of Durham

·         Hampton Kitchens

·         Ferguson Enterprises (5+ Year Partner)

·         UNITS Mobile Storage of NC

·         AMC Lighting & Décor

·         The Appliance Center

·         Professional HomeStaging & Design

·         Roberta Frank Designs

·         Al’s Burger Shack

We are thankful to the following Sponsors whose contributions truly helped make the 2016 project possible:

·         “Power Tools” Sponsors $1,000 and up

o   The Agents & Staff of Coldwell Banker-HPW Chapel Hill

o   Team Jodi

o   Epcon Communities

o   Strowd Roses Foundation

o   HomeServices Lending

·         “Full Tool Box” Sponsors $500 or more

o   Shelia Welborn – North State Bank Mortgage

o   Jayne Gregory—BHHS-YSU

o   Christy Bowman—Coldwell Banker HPW

o   Nancy Brenner

·         “Silver Ladder” Sponsors up to $500

o    Louise Kowalski

·         “Sable Brush” Sponsors up to $250

o   Larry Tollen—Coldwell Banker

o   Martha Petty & Mike Weisburd

o   Debbie & Mark McCormick—BHHS-YSU

o   The Kelly Team—BHHS-YSU

o   Sam Brooks—BHHS-YSU

o   Anne Hoole—Fathom Realty

o   Virginia Ferguson—Keller Williams

o   Craig Baxter—Terra Nova Global Properties

o   Linda Martin—Coldwell Banker Advantage

o   Brett Bushnell—Tri Local Realty

o   Jackie Tanner—Allen Tate

o   Jennifer McMillan—Allen Tate

o   Margaret Rook

o   Peter Leese

·         “Sharp Saw” Sponsors up to $100

o   Dale Lohrey—Harmony Home Inspections

o   Sandra Paul—Allen Tate

o   Kyle Rank—BHHS-YSU

o   Kathy Tyrrell—BHHS-YSU

o   Mary Kemp—BHHS-YSU

o   Ramelle Stevens—BHHS-YSU

o   Katherine Bizhev—BHHS-YSU

o   Dottie Willard—BHHS-YSU

o   Desiree Goldman—ReMax Winning Edge

o   Melanie Girard—Grapevine Realty Services

o   Jeff Rupkalvis—Dwell Real Estate

o   Judy Weinstock—Keller Williams

o   Ann Koonce—Fonville Morisey

o   Local Market Realty

o   Linda Todd—House to Home Realty Services

o   Kara Pittman—Terra Nova Global Properties

o   Craig Fox—Fathom Realty

o   Barbara Jacobs-Moore—Fathom Realty

o   Elizabeth Anderson—Coldwell Banker HPW

o   Al’s Burger Shack

o   Jean Ehmke

o   Bobbie McGrath

o   Jennifer Lewis

o   Diane Willis

o   Nicole Doub

o   Sally Goodnight

o   Adam & Susan Jones

o   Geoffrey Green

o   Beverly & Keith McRae

o   Kim Bailey

o   Rita Thissen

o   Shelia & Randal Welborn

o   Charles Nunn

o   Alex & Zell Hoole

·         “Plumb Level” Sponsors up to $50

o   Caroline Smith—Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber

o   Susie Shachtman—Fathom Realty

o   Cindy Leech—Fathom Realty

o   Mary Carter—Fathom Realty

o   Christina Sinatra—BHHS-YSU

o   Dorothea Madison—BHHS-YSU

o   Ace Robbins—BHHS-YSU

o   Rebecca Dirksen Paul—BHHS-YSU

o   Erin Daniel—BHHS-YSU

o   Candy Owens—BHHS-YSU

o   Katherine Kopp—BHHS-YSU

o   El-ad Sela—BHHS-YSU

o   Nora Schearer—BHHS-YSU

o   Mary Tatum—BHHS-YSU

o   Jane & Pat Serkedakis—Coldwell Banker HPW

o   Mairead Garvey—Coldwell Banker HPW

o   Ginny Berg—Coldwell Banker HPW

o   Robin Mullis—Earp Realty Group

o   Rob Johnson—Cunningham & Company Mortgage

o   Pat Dillon—Re/Max Winning Edge

o   Pamela Davis—Davis Appraisal Services

o   Randy and Christine Menear

o   Grace Sweeney

o   Jennifer Hodgson

o   Lena Brown

o   Q Flemming

o   Traci Poole

o   Susan Horrell

o   Samantha Wensley

o   Mitch Parker

o   Laurie Norman

o   Laura Irwin

o   Katherine Fife

o   George McCall

o   Sudie Taylor

o   Chris Proven

o   Jill Simon

o   Nikita Buley

o   Tricia Daisley

o   Layna Mosley

o   Rebecca Ward

o   Steven Gardner

o   Jean McKenney

o   Diann Worrell

And the Project could not have been completed without the help of the following Volunteers:

·         Anne Hoole-Fathom Realty (committee chair)

·         Jackie Tanner- AllenTate (committee)

·         Caroline Shillito- emmadelon (committee)

·         Monica Hyde- emmadelon (committee)

·         Kyle Rank- BHHS-YSU (committee)

·         Linda Martin- CB Advantage Chapel Hill (committee)

·         Tim Ferguson- CB/HPW (committee)

·         Christy Bowman- CB/HPW (committee)

·         Dale Lohrey- Harmony Home Inspections (committee)

·         SAM Brooks- BHHS-YSU (committee)

·         Jenn McMillan- Allen Tate (committee)

·         Sandra Paul- Allen Tate

·         Mari Trosclair- Grapevine Realty Services

·         Chris Guffey-Fathom Realty

·         Craig Fox- Fathom Realty

·         Zeke Taylor- Fathom Realty

·         Robin Mullis- The Earp Group Realty

·         Brett Bushnell- Tri-Local Realty

·         Stephen Lackey- BHHS-YSU

·         Erin Daniel- BHHS-YSU

·         Christina Sinatra- BHHS-YSU

·         Rhonda Szostak- BHHS-YSU

·         Leslie Kelly- BHHS-YSU

·         Katie Kelly- BHHS-YSU

·         Kristi Foster- BHHS-YSU

·         Dennis Chaissan- BHHS-YSU

·         Anne Cole- BHHS-YSU

·         Sara Kronenfeld- BHHS-YSU

·         Michele Ricci- BHHS-YSU

·         Patty Balltzglier- HomeServices Lending

·         Larry Tollen- CB Advantage Chapel Hill

·         Randy Cox- CB/HPW

·         Mark Civiok- CB/HPW

·         Virginia Foust- CB/HPW

·         Mairead Garvey- CB/HPW

·         Katie Taylor- CB/HPW

·         Warren Wehmann- CB/HPW

·         Pat Wehmann- CB/HPW

·         Natalie Shaw- CB/HPW

·         Shahla Rezvani- CB/HPW

·         Valerie Miller- CB/HPW

·         Tom Wiltberger- Terra Nova Global Properties

·         Kara Pittman- Terra Nova Global Properties

·         Mike McKinney- Carrboro Crawlspace Solutions

·         Preston Lawlor- Enliven Carpentry, Home Repair & maintenance

·         Matt Vanderwalker- PlumbV

·         Dustin Rawlings- Rawlings Contracting/Self Help Credit Union

·         Sara Veety- Clover Hill Interiors

·         Sharon Lake-Gargano- Interior Design Services

·         Christine Barnett-The Sorgi Insurance Agency

·         Phil Ford- Community Volunteer

·         Les Frye- Community Volunteer

·         Tricia Daisley- Community Volunteer

·         Samantha Tessel- Community Volunteer

·         Elder Shields- Community Volunteer

·         Elder Haslam- Community Volunteer

·         Thomas Garvey- Community Volunteer

·         Jay Ghidorzi- Community Volunteer

·         Dr. Amir Rezvani - Community Volunteer

·         Al Bowers- Community Volunteer