It is our pleasure to introduce our 2018 Fix-A-Home Recipient, Ms. Dollie Hinch!

Ms. Hinch originally hails from Durham where she graduated from NC Central University with a BA in Fine Arts. Life and Art took her to New York where she met and marries Dennis Hinch and together they had a son, Jeremy. The family moved to Mr. Hinch's home state of Hawaii where they lived until they decided to return to NC. Ms. Hinch said "My health brought us back to North Carolina". Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, moving back to NC would allow Ms. Hinch to receive the medical care she needed and to be near family. With siblings in Durham and Clayton, they purchased a home in Chapel Hill in 2006.

Sadly Jeremy passed away in 2008 from Kidney Cancer at the age of 51. Mr. Hinch passed away soon after. Ms. Hinch says that he died of a broken heart after losing their son.

Ms. Hinch is a Meals on Wheels Recipient and has a busy schedule of doctors' appointments, physical therapy and creating beautiful art from found objects. She applied to Fix-A-Home requesting some repairs and improvements that will make her home safer and more accessible. There are some good old home maintenance items on the list that we will take care of for her (Gutter cleaning, check! Landscaping, check!) and we'll do a few things that will make Ms. Hinch's time at home more enjoyable (stay tuned for details!).